OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage platform. KU staff and students have access to 1 TB of cloud storage in OneDrive. 

OneDrive can be used to sync files across multiple devices, as well as securely share files and videos with others.

Step 1: Accessing OneDrive

To access OneDrive, navigate to and login with your KU email address and password. 

Note: You will initially enter your email address on Microsoft's login screen. Once you've entered your full email address, you may be redirected to the KU login screen to complete sign in.

Click on the app launcher and then choose "OneDrive" from the list of available apps.

Step 2: Upload Your File

To upload an existing file on your computer, click "Upload" and choose "Files."

You can also create new files right in the cloud by clicking "New" and choosing the type of document you want to create.

Step 3: Share Your File

Select the file you just uploaded and choose the share icon.

Choose the appropriate security options for your file. The best option for simple, yet secure sharing within the KU environment is "People in Kutztown University with the link." This requires the direct link to the file and a KU login. 

If you prefer, you can share with specific people (via email address) or outside KU ("Anyone with the link").

Determine if you want others to be able to edit your file, if you want the link/shared file to expire at a given time, and whether the file can be downloaded to the recipient's device.

Please note, if you allow editing and/or download, the recipient will be able to take ownership of the file and re-share it as they wish. For "view only" access, disable "allow editing" and enable "block download."

After clicking "Apply", you can share with people directly via email or use the "copy link" button to copy the link to your computer clipboard to share via email, D2L, or other avenues.