This article explains one method that students can use to record digital presentations for class assignments. This method uses all KU-supported technology. 

Other applications can be used to capture the presentations, including QuickTime (Mac only), Screen-cast-o-Matic, PowerPoint, or others. As long as the final product is a video file, you can upload and share your presentation in Stream (Steps 6-7).

Step 1: Setup and Start a Zoom Meeting

In a web browser, navigate to Kutztown's Zoom portal at and click "Sign in."

Sign in with your KU login information.

Click on "Meetings" in the navigation menu and then proceed to "Schedule a New Meeting."

Enter a topic title for the meeting.

For the duration, set the meeting to "Recurring meeting." 

For the recurrence, select "No Fixed Time."

The remaining settings can be left as the defaults. Click "Save" to create the meeting.

On the confirmation screen, click "Start this Meeting" to begin the Zoom meeting.

If you have never used Zoom, you will be prompted to download and install the Zoom application. Follow your device's prompts to install the application. 

Step 2: Share Your Screen in Zoom

Once the Zoom meeting loads, make sure you have any presentations (PowerPoints) or files that you will need for your presentation open and then click the "Share Screen" button in Zoom. 

On share screen pop-up, choose the application with the file you want to present and then click "Share."

Step 3: Record Your Meeting

Be sure your microphone (and if desired, video camera) is enabled. 

When you're ready to begin your presentation, click "Record." If you don't see "Record" in the main menu bar, click "More" and then "Record."

Step 4: Deliver Your Presentation

Deliver your presentation using the shared application as typical.

Step 5: End the Recording and Save it to Your Computer

When you're finished presenting, stop the recording.

Then "Leave the Meeting."

The recording will process automatically. 

When processing is complete, the application will ask where you want to save your recording file. Save the file on your computer for the next step.

Step 6: Upload the Recording File to Microsoft Stream

Navigate to and login with your KU login information. 

Choose "Stream" from the list of applications. If you don't see Stream in the main list, click "All apps" first and then choose "Stream."

On the Stream main page, click "Create" > "Upload video."

Drag and drop your file onto the screen or click "browse" to upload. You want to upload the file that ends in .mp4.

Provide a name and optional description for the video and wait for the upload to finish. Then click "Share."

Copy the "Direct link to video" by clicking "Copy." Then click "Close."

Click "Publish" to save the video to Stream.

Step 7: Share the Link to Your Stream Video

Finally, share the video link to your Stream video as requested by your professor. This may be through email, D2L Assignments, or D2L Discussions. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the IT Help Center at

If you have questions related to your assignment or other requirements, please contact your professor