Step 1: Access Microsoft Teams in Office 365

Microsoft Teams can be accessed by navigating to


First click “Sign in.”


Enter your full KU email address and click “Next.” You may be directed to the KU single sign-on page at this point. If so, enter your KU login information. If not, enter your KU password in the Microsoft login page and click “Sign In.”





Select “Teams” from the list of available Office apps. If you don’t see Teams listed, you may need to click “All apps.”




Step 2: Download and install Microsoft Teams Desktop Application

Once Teams application is loaded in your browser, you will need to download the desktop application for full capabilities. The browser version of Teams (Chrome, Firefox, edge, etc.) does not currently support video calling.


To download and install Teams, click the “Download desktop application” button in the bottom left corner of the Teams interface.



Finally, follow the prompts to download and install the desktop application on your computer.


Step 3: Start a Chat

To start a new presentation, you must first open the Teams application to start a chat with the individuals who will participate in the presentation. Important: currently, there must be at least three users in a chat room to record.


Select “Chat” from the left column of available tools. Then click “New Chat.”



In the “To” field, start typing the name or KU email address of the individuals you want to invite. Once all names have been added, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to create the chat. Important: you will only be able to add individuals with a current KU email address



You can now use the chat tool to communicate via text with other users until you’re ready to begin the video call.


Step 4: Start a Video Call

Click the “video call” button to initiate the call to all invited users.



Step 5: Start the recording

Once all individuals have joined the call, you can start the recording by clicking the “more actions” button and then “start recording.” Remember, there must be at least three individuals in the call in order to record it. 




Step 6: Share your screen (if desired)

To share your screen (or a specific application) during your presentation, click the share button in the toolbar.



Then choose the window that you would like to share. You can also share your entire desktop.


Step 7: Deliver the Presentation

Deliver your presentation while the session is being recorded.

Step 8: Stop the Recording and End the Call

To stop the recording, click the more actions” button in the toolbar an choose “stop recording.”



Hang up the call using the “end call” button. The recording will start processing and will save the presentation to Microsoft Stream.



You’ll be notified in Teams (and email) when the recording is ready to access. Anyone invited to the chat will have access to the recording and a direct link to the recording.


Step 9: Share the Recording

Option 1: Share the recording directly from Microsoft Teams

Click the “actions” option in the recording dialogue and choose “Get link.” 



Copy the link.



This is the direct link to your video. You can share it as directed by your professor. 


Option 2: Share the Recording from Microsoft Stream

Return to and open the Stream App.



Click “My Content > Videos” to see your available Stream content.



Select the recording that you wish to share. On the video page, click the “Share” button.



Copy the direct link to the video.



This is the direct link to your video. You can share it as directed by your professor.