This article shows the steps for downloading the Mediasite Desktop Recorder to your computer. The Desktop Recorder can be installed on KU or personal machines. If you are unable to install the Desktop Recorder, please contact

Step 1: Download the Recorder

Navigate to and login with your KU credentials. 

Click the "Download for [your OS]" button.

Save the installation file to your computer and open it. 

Step 2: Install the Program

Run the installer, following the on-screen prompts.

The program will install with the name "Mediasite Desktop Recorder 2" under "All Programs" in the Sonic Foundry folder on Windows and in the "Applications" folder on Mac. 

Step 3: Register the Desktop Recorder

This important step associates the Mediasite Desktop Recorder software to your account so it knows where to upload the completed presentations. 

After the program has successfully installed, return to the download webpage and click the "Register" button. A launch application window will appear asking you to open the link in the Mediasite Desktop Recorder. Open the link. 

This will open the Desktop Recorder Software on your computer. Ensure that your email address is displayed at the top. If your email is not displayed in the top left, the software has not successfully registered to your account and the videos will not upload. Please contact for assistance.

You are now ready to start your first recording. For more information on the Desktop Recorder, see the Mediasite Desktop Recorder article.