This article reviews the recommended settings for Zoom rooms and considerations for changing them for a meeting. 

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The "Host" and "Participant" on/off toggles determine if the video will be initialized automatically upon joining a room. We recommend leaving these in the "OFF" position to give attendees time to prepare their environment before enabling their video. 


It is recommend that you leave "Both" selected for the audio options. This will allow users to choose if they will use their computer or call in on the phone (with the number provided during the meeting) to connect to the room audio.

Meeting Options

  • Require meeting password - This setting allows you to set a custom password for your meeting. If participants join via your invitation link, they will not be required to enter the meeting password. We recommend using meeting passwords if you are not using the "only authenticated uses can join" option. 

  • Only Authenticated users can join - This setting requires participants to log into KU Single Sign-On (SSO) in order to join the meeting. We recommend requiring authentication for typical class meetings. Leave this setting unchecked to include non-KU guests to join your Zoom session.

  • Enable join before host - Enabling this setting will allow participants to join the meeting before the host (instructor) joins the meeting. Without this setting enabled, students will see a message informing them that the host has not yet joined the meeting. We recommend leaving this setting disabled.

  • Mute participant upon entry - This setting mutes participants as they join the meeting. We recommend keeping this setting enabled to prevent interference. Without this setting enable, participants will join the session with a live microphone. 

  • Enable waiting room - The waiting room is a virtual area where participants are temporarily held outside the meeting room. When enabled, the host (instructor) needs to admit each non-authenticated guest participant to the meeting as they arrive. Authenticated (KU) users will be automatically admitted to the meeting.

  • Record the meeting automatically in the cloud - Enabling this setting will automatically start the recording immediately upon meeting start. This may not be ideal because it will capture any wait time before you actually begin the meeting. It's recommended that you manually begin and end the recording inside the Zoom room