This article explains how to create a Zoom room for online meetings. *At this time, this process is intended for faculty and staff only.*

Using Zoom for a D2L course? See the Create a Zoom Room (D2L-Users) article instead. 

Visit Zoom's Help Center to view all available articles and videos.

Creating a Zoom Room

Navigate to Kutztown's Zoom portal ( and click "Sign In."

If you have already authenticated with another KU system, you will be taken directly to the Zoom portal after clicking "Sign In." If you are prompted to login, enter your KU credentials. 

Click the "Schedule a Meeting" link.

Provide a topic (title) for the meeting and optional description. Then set the meeting date and time and duration (meetings can last between 1 and 24 hours). 

If this is a recurring meeting, check "recurring meeting" and specify the recurrence.

The meeting options have been vetted and the defaults are the recommended settings for all Zoom rooms. If you change a setting, please be advised that it may change the functionality of the room. See the Zoom Recommended Settings article for more information.

Click "Save" to create the meeting.

A confirmation screen with your meeting details will appear. 

The "Join URL" is what you will need to share with meeting participants. 

You can also click "Copy the invitation" for a pre-formatted invitation that you can email to the meeting attendees.