This article explains how to create a Zoom room for use with a D2L course. 

Using Zoom outside D2L or for a meeting? See the Create a Zoom Room (Non-D2L Users) article instead.

Zoom is account based (rather than course specific). This means you will see ALL Zoom rooms for ALL courses within your Zoom account. 

To keep your Zoom account organized, it recommended that you create one (1) Zoom room per course and use that Zoom room for all course meetings. For example, a room called "CSC_200_010_2018Summer Meeting Room" would be used to conduct all the course meetings for CSC_200_010.

Visit Zoom's Help Center to view all available articles and videos.

Creating a Zoom Room

Access the Zoom portal in the course navigation menu (Communications > Zoom).

Note: Students cannot see this link. Students will access Zoom rooms via the link you provide them. See the Joining a Zoom Room as a Participant article.

Zoom's portal will load in a new window/tab. Click "Sign In."

You should be taken directly to the Zoom portal after clicking "Sign In." If you are prompted to login, enter your KU credentials. 

Click the "Schedule a Meeting" link.

Enter the course name for the meeting topic. Don't worry about the date and time.

Check the "Recurring meeting" box.

Change the "Recurrence" to "No Fixed Time."

With the proper settings, the first section of the meeting setup should look similar to this example:

The meeting options have been vetted and the defaults are the recommended settings for all Zoom rooms. If you change a setting, please be advised that it may change the functionality of the room. See the Zoom Recommended Settings article for more information.

Click "Save" to create the meeting.

A confirmation screen with your meeting details will appear. 

The "Join URL" is what you will need to share with meeting participants (students). The best way to share with students is through D2L. 

Sharing Your Zoom Room in D2L

In a D2L module, create a new link in a module by clicking "Upload / Create" > "Create a Link."

Enter a title for the link and paste the URL, then click "Create." We recommend setting your link to "open as external resource."