This article explains how to save a Mediasite presentation as a video (.mp4) file that can be downloaded to a local computer and played with any standard video player.

By default, Mediasite presentations are saved as packaged files that can only be streamed from Mediasite’s native web player. Mediasite’s “Vodcast," or Video Podcast, feature allows video owners to convert and download their presentations as videos for local storing.

Navigate to MyMediasite and authenticate with your KU credentials. Note: This process cannot be completed until the presentation is fully processed by Mediasite.

Select the presentation that you wish to download from your presentation library. Click on the “Edit” button on the right side.

On the “Edit Presentation” screen, click on the “Delivery” tab.

On the “Delivery” tab, check the “Vodcast” option.

Then click on the "Select a Vodcast Project" field and select “.mp4 video” from the drop-down list.

Click “Save” at the top of the window.

The server will begin to process the video. This will take time to process. Processing time will vary depending on the length of the video. Check back later (Details") to see if the process is complete.

Click the "Download to Computer" link on the bottom right.

If the video has finished converting, you'll see a "Download Vodcast" button. Click this button to download the video to your computer.