Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) is a KU-supported application that you can install on your computer to record screencasts and webcam video/audio and then automatically upload to MyMediasite for streamed sharing. The MDR program is available for download from My Mediasite.

Launching the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR)
There are two ways to launch the Mediasite Desktop Recorder:

  1. Start a presentation from My Mediasite.

  2. Open the MDR software on your Windows or Macintosh computer
    • On Windows, the MDR software will be installed under "Programs".
    • On Mac, the MDR software will be installed in your "Applications" folder.

After launching the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, you will be presented with four options to choose from.

Overview – The Overview option will take you to Sonic Foundry’s manual on the MDR.

Record – The Record option will begin the process of creating a new screencast recording.

Manage – Use the Manage area to resume recordings in progress.

Settings – In the Settings area, you can change general settings for the MDR software. It is recommended that you leave these settings as the default.

Starting a New Recording

Click the “Record” icon, and then follow the steps outlined below. These steps correspond with the steps found across the top of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder software.

1. Select Type

Enter a name for the presentation and select the type of presentation:

  • Screencast + Webcam Video and Audio – Present your computer desktop as continuous video AND capture video and audio from your computer webcam and microphone.

  • Screencast + Audio – Present your computer desktop as a continuous video AND capture audio via computer microphone only.

  • Slideshow + Webcam Video and Audio – Present still images (a series of screenshots) from your computer desktop AND capture video and audio from your computer webcam and microphone.

  • Slideshow + Audio – Present still images (a series of screenshots) from your computer desktop AND capture audio via computer microphone only.

A slideshow capture requires less video streaming bandwidth and storage space, but may not capture small changes on-screen. The slideshow recording option would be sufficient for a PowerPoint lecture or other presentation with distinct screen changes.

A screencast capture will capture every change on the screen, but will require more video streaming bandwidth and storage space. Use the screencast recording option for a tutorial or how-to video that requires the capture of the mouse pointer and small screen changes.

Click “Next” to continue to the next step.

2. Setup Hardware

Use the video preview and microphone indicator bar to setup your video webcam and microphone. You can change the input device in the drop down menus.

Speak into the microphone to test it. For the best audio results, the indicator bar should light in the green range. If you are capturing video, you should be able to see the webcam display in the preview box.

Once the proper devices have been selected, click “Next.”

3. Prepare Screen

Organize the windows on your desktop that you want to record. Remember to close or minimize any sensitive information. If selected in the next step, anything that is visible on your screen will be captured in the recording!

When you are ready to continue, click

4. Capture Area

Define the desired captured area:
  • Record entire desktop – Check the box to select the entire desktop.
  • Record a single window – Click on any open window to select its current bounds.
  • Record a freeform rectangle – Click and drag your mouse to define a custom rectangle.
  • Record a 16:9 rectangle – Hold down ‘SHIFT’ while dragging.
  • Record a 4:3 rectangle – Hold down ‘SHIFT’ and ‘CTRL’ while dragging.

5. Summary

Review the settings. If anything is incorrect, you can use the “Back” button to return the step to make corrections.

Click the “Record” button to begin recording your screen selection.

During the Recording

You can stop, or pause, the recording at any time by clicking the "pause" icon in the System Tray, or by pressing ‘CTRL + F8’ on your keyboard.

IMPORTANT! If you are displaying the recording control panel, be sure the panel is not located inside your recording area. If the panel is inside the recording area, you will receive a warning message.

If you receive the warning message above , move the control panel until the message disappears and you can see a preview of your webcam (or the “Camera is not being recorded” message if using only audio).

Stopping the Recording:

To stop the recording, simply click the "Finish" button and choose from the following options:

  • Discard the Recording – This will delete the entire recording so you can start again.
  • Resume Recording – This will resume your recording from the point of stop.
  • Finish Recording – This will end the recording and upload it directly to Mediasite.

After clicking “Finish Recording,” the video will begin uploading to Mediasite and processing in the background. You may begin a new recording or continue other work on your computer at this time. DO NOT logoff or shut down your computer, as this will interrupt the upload process.

Once the upload is complete, the status will say “Uploaded.”

Click the web button to view and edit the video on My Mediasite.

This completes the Mediasite Desktop Recorder process. For more information on accessing and sharing your recording, please see Sharing Mediasite Presentations.